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MP3 Remix Player Standalone Plus 3.311

Create original interpretations of any song in your MP3 or CD collection!
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The MP3 Remix 3 software gives you the tools necessary to customize and create your own songs using any song that you already have as an MP3 or CD. The program is easy to use and offers many great features that let you do just about whatever you want to remix songs. The user interface makes using all the features very easy because it is visually attractive, clear and organized.

One feature that the software MP3 Remix 3 has is the ability to automatically remix sounds. This gives the user 320 sounds that can be used simultaneously, such as scratching or beats, and they will automatically be dropped onto the song beats. The Beat Detection Procession function can create beat-synchronized remixes. It does so by recognizes the rhythm and dynamics of a song. The speed of a song is also changeable.

One great feature is the extensive library that is included in the MP3 Remix 3 software. The library is pre-installed and comes with many kinds of loops, sounds and beats that can be mixed into any song the user chooses. They are fun to use and are suitable for all music styles, but at the same time also sound very professional.

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